April 22nd Medicine People & Ancestral Healing

April 23rd: Body & Immune System

April 24th: Earth Medicine

April 25th: Wind Medicine

April 26th: Medicine Wheel


April 27th:  Breathing Medicine

April 28th: Purification

April 29th: Dance Medicine

April 30th: Prayer Medicine

May 1st: Ceremony Medicine

May 2nd: Fire Medicine

May 3rd: Water Medicine


May 4th: Vibrational Medicine & Healing Sound

May 5th: Drumming Medicine

May 6th: Chanting Medicine

May 7th: Healing Movement

May 8th: Creative Art Medicine

May 9th: Meditation Medicine

May 10th: Mother Nature Medicine


May 11st : Sacred Sites & Pyramids Medicine

May 12nd: Chrystal Medicine

May 13rd: Sun and Moon Medicine

May 14th: Sacred Symbols & Calendar

May 15th: Rites of Passage Medicine

May 16th: Cleaning & Fasting Medicine

May 17th: Medicine Lodge


May 18th: Vision Quest & Silence Medicine

May 19th: Animal Medicine

May 20th: Vegetal Medicine & Plants Healing

May 21st: Mineral Medicine & Healing Stones

May 22nd: Energy Healing & Light Medicine

May 23rd: Peace & Serenity Medicine

May 24th: Joy & Happiness Medicine


May 25: Love Medicine

May 26th: Community and Tribal Medicine

May 27th: Walking Medicine

May 28th: Sacred Touching

May 29th: Aromatherapy

May 30th: Breathing and Dreamming Medicine

May 31st: Plants Medicine


June 1st: Dreamming Medicine

June 2nd: Speaking Medicine

June 3rd: Drum Medicine

June 4th: Flute Medicine

June 5th: Rattle Medicine

June 6th: Whistle Medicine

June 7th: Singing Bowl Medicine

June 8th: Conch Shell Medicine

June 9th: Gambarda Medicine

June 10: Didgeridoo Medicine

June 11st: Harmonics & Overtones