Sacred Journey to the Mayan Toltec Land & Planetary Healing Gathering

“Calling of the Eagle and the Jaguar”

Toltec and Mayan Land, Mexico
From December 06th 2020 to January 03rd, 2021 (Ask for options and possibilities about events and days)

Events and Teachings:


1) Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites & Natural Wonders “Harmonizing and Healing our Peoples” : Teotihuacan Toltec Olmec Mayan Pathway. Dec 06th to Jan 03rd. Attending


2) Spiritual Retreat Reconnecting with our Ancestors” & Mayan Toltec Ceremonies for Purification and Initiation: Mayan Community, Peninsula of Yucatan. Dec 08th to 14th. Attending


3) Elders, Medicine People and Wisdom Keepers International Gathering “Eagke and Jaguar Calling” & Great Healing Circle for Mother Jungle and Humanity & Winter Solstice Celebration & Global Drumming : Heart of the Jungle, Quintana Roo. Dec 15th to 22nd. Attending


4) Spiritual Retreat “The Return of the Sun” & Sacred Fire Ceremony & Rain Forest Medicine & Alter-Native Christmas Celebration : Rain Forest & Ocean. Dec 23rd to 29th. Attending


5) Healing Seminar “The Wheel of the Medicines & Sweat Lodge and Sacred Waters Medicine & Full Moon and New Year Amerindian Celebration : Highlands and Desert, Central Mexico. Dec 30th to Jan 03rd, 2021 Attending

*Events in solidarity and support for the Indigenous University & Ancestral Medicine Project. **Whole Program 29 days, posible to choose All or just some weeks or days according to your availability

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