Strengthening our Immune System & Healing our People, Our Hearts, Ancestral Memories and All Our Relations in the Oneness, Truth, Consciousness, Trusting and Compassionate Love.

Retreiving Our Ancient Wisdom, Cultural Heritage, Living Community, Spirituality and Sacred Power for Healing Together Our Human Family.

Living Well with Clean Energy, Natural Medicine, Healthy Food, Positive Thoghts, Good Feelings, Harmonious Relationships and Constructive Actions in a Culture of Peace, Love, Respect, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Care and Joy.


Reconnecting with the Esencial, Simplicity, Ancestral Wisdom, Beauty and Sacredness of Mother Earth and Universe where a United, Aware, Healthier and Peaceful World is Possible.

Unity, Freedom, Self Determination, Sovereignty, Solidarity, Social Justice, Good Governance, Peace and Dignity for All Peoples.


Recognizing and respecting Rights of Mother Earth, Indigenous Peoples and All Beings. Healing Our Planet and Real Solutions for Climate Change.

Honoring Our Ancestors and the Next Seven Generations

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